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Business Tourism promotes Edinburgh nationally and internationally as an ideal location in which to organise a conference or business meeting, and supports the economic development activity promoting the city as a place to invest and start a business.

Our Services

Convention Edinburgh promotes the city as a premier conference, incentive and event destination which hosts hundreds of conferences every year, ranging from small events to large association meetings. Since April 2013, the Bureau has confirmed 140 conferences, attracting over 50,000 delegates to the city between 2013 and 2021 with an economic benefit of over £85.7m.

Edinburgh is 40th in the world-ranking of international conference destinations by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).  For the last seven years, Edinburgh has retained its position as the most popular UK city after London for hosting international association meetings.

We offer high levels of product knowledge, specialist skills and effective coordination of venues and support services.  Currently we are involved with a substantial number of conferences bids as far in advance as 2023 reflecting Edinburgh’s worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence in the fields of energy, medicine, life sciences, informatics, electronics, technology and creative industries.


Scotland’s capital is an award-winning city of breath-taking beauty where rich cultural heritage combines with stunning new developments. The choice of venues in and around Edinburgh is endless with many exciting, unique properties for meeting planners ranging from majestic to creative: purpose-built conference facilities, luxury castles, stately homes, art galleries and museums, underground caves, whisky vaults and even a Royal Yacht!  There are more than 25,000 beds in Edinburgh and the surrounding area, with over 50% within a 2km radius of the city centre. Find a Venue at

Ambassador Programme

Edinburgh Ambassador, Dr Mark Hartl, discusses his forthcoming conference and talks about the service received and benefits of being involved with the Edinburgh Ambassador Programme. (Video by Simon Williams Photography)

Edinburgh Ambassador, Professor Peter Andrew, Department of Anaesthesia, University of Edinburgh, discusses  his recent involvement with Marketing Edinburgh’s Ambassador Programme. (Video by Simon Williams Photography).

Marketing Edinburgh is supported by an extremely successful Ambassador Programme.  Edinburgh Ambassadors are professional people who have a major influence over their associations’ choice of conference destination, our 600 Edinburgh Ambassadors have helped influence over 70% of the association conferences that take place in the city.