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Edinburgh is a modern and dynamic city, bustling with life and enterprise.

Edinburgh is ranked ‘Best Large European City of the Future‘ and ‘Best Large European City: Foreign Direct Investment Strategy‘ (Financial Times fDi Magazine 2012/13) and joint 2nd in 2012 for Foreign Direct Investment projects among the ten largest cities in the UK.

Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any city in the UK outside London and is one of Europe’s leading centres for financial services. It also has vibrant general insurance, corporate finance, broking and professional services sectors. The financial services talent pool is broad, highly skilled and exceptionally well-qualified, with a high proportion of graduates. A centre of excellence in the fields of medicine, finance, research, engineering, science & technology, architecture and the arts, the region has experienced increasing rates of growth in the high tech sector as well as in research and development and other key sectors include education, health, agriculture, retail and tourism.

Research and development in and around Edinburgh continues to expand – this includes the new Roslin Institute, a £60 million state-of-the-art building at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus and the impressive and innovative £600 million landmark life sciences research and commercialisation development of Edinburgh BioQuarter.

As the centre of Scotland’s government, the public sector plays a central role in the economy. Investing in the city’s development and regeneration is part of the City of Edinburgh Council’s economic strategy which works to deliver investment, jobs and opportunities for all. Find out more

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Edinburgh City Region is an international financial and administrative centre with world-class business accommodation to match. Edinburgh’s resilient and stable economy, critical mass in key sectors such as financial services and life sciences, its highly qualified and skilled workforce and superlative quality of life make it an excellent place to invest in commercial property. See our locations

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Edinburgh City Region is home to one of the UK’s most productive and qualified workforces and is internationally renowned for the quality of its talent base. The city region’s academic institutions are also internationally renowned for their research and teaching excellence, for example The University of Edinburgh is ranked 5th in the UK, 6th in Europe and 32nd in the world. This talent base, the area’s quality of life and its environment are key attractions for employers and their employees. Find out more

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